Our company operates as a subcontractor, and you can work with the construction work items are as follows.

Foreign Locations:

1.Steel erection

2. Installation of light steel frame structure. (Galvanized profiles)

3. Facade and roof coating systems, installation of sheet steel construction over

(Insulated-insulated-panel-sandwich system)

4. Facade and roof coating systems, installation of steel reinforced concrete structures over

5. PVC or bituminous roof coating systems

6. Façade and roofing systems installation over wood construction

(Coating material: steel, vinyl, PVC, tile, bitumen based arduazlı, may be wood-based.)

7. Rockwool and - via XPS or EPS-jacketing system


1. Installation of drywall construction and coating systems

2. Drywall, metal, rock wool ceiling coating systems installation

3. The dividing wall systems, installation of metal-based

4. Plastering, painting and decorating

5.Ahşap doors, windows, kitchen, fixed furniture, etc., assembled

6. Wooden doors, windows, kitchen, fixed furniture manufacturing

7. Installation of furniture and decoration

8. Installation of raised flooring systems

9. Installation of floor coverings (carpet and linoleum flooring-, etc.)

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