Principles of integrity, quality and confidence that TEMA YAPI;

· All employees within the framework of quality systems that can use more people to become competent and abilities to the highest level of emphasis on team work constantly to raise the level of quality,

· All processes within an understanding of customer needs and fully met the expectations of the company to be reliable and sought-after,

· Follow and implement technological developments of the sector,

· All workers of quality, environment and work to establish security awareness,

· In cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors to be a fiduciary,

· The most convenient, fastest way to produce the most accurate and most economical solutions to prevent inconveniences that may arise later,

· Being on time for each project, project, fully compatible with the top-level techniques, complete the required quality and targeted to complete within the limits of the budget,

· In the current society and the environment-friendly, useful, to be an exemplary organization,

· Continuously improving business volume, increasing standards, contributing to the country's economy, is determined as the Quality Policy.

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